We know that innovation only occurs in an environment that encourages creativity and innovative thinking. We are taking steps to establish this environment and transform innovation into a corporate culture. From its earliest days Bajo Dizayn has recognized the value of creative and original ideas. For us, innovation is a corporate culture that is sustainable, measurable and manageable and that enables us to keep one step ahead of the competition. Hence, we strive continually to develop this culture in a systematic manner.

As part of our efforts to internalize innovation, we developed the KAIZEN, which enables us to transform valuable new ideas into value creating projects.
All Bajo Dizayn employees, individually or as teams, may submit their ideas to any unit in the Factory  through the KAIZEN System

We evaluate all suggestions submitted through KAIZEN on their innovativeness, potential contribution to the Factory, and capacity for replication in other departments. Everyone can track the evaluation and development of their project ideas through the KAIZEN system, which starts with an evaluation by the KAIZEN leader of the employee/team who submitted the idea and then continues with the Innovation Committee of the company or department to which the idea applies.

KAIZEN is the basement of our continous improvement that is being scrutinizing by our General Manager Mr. M. Emin ÖZTEMEL
To date, employees have submitted over 700 ideas of which have become ongoing or completed projects. Here in Bajo Dizayn, TPS tools such as 5S, SMED, VSM, TPM etc. are being handled as a whole beside the KAIZEN.
We see innovation as an integral part of our daily lives, something that affects all our business processes, independent of our job descriptions. Successful innovation, we believe, is the most creative solution to a consumer’s real need. By looking at life, our environment and our products through the eyes of consumers, we are able to take an innovative approach to every stage of the product development journey from conception to launch.

Recognizing the many ways that innovation and sustainability are complementary, we pursue our creative process in ways that minimize our environmental impact. By including our business partners in this process, we strive to develop products and services that create the most value for consumers and facilitate sustainable development.