Only manufacturing is not enough to become an international brand in today’s global competitive environment, . We have to present new, different, and amasing solutions that stimulate the purchasing and “to have” insticts. As the stabilization of “Cost & Quality standardisation” of brands companies and countries, the innovative approach becomes the uniqe component of “creating difference”. Design creates the difference through innovation stands out as an essential element. 
Redefining and changing the perception of furniture design with differing aims to be an international brand, Banjo Dizayn marked the era of design culture , by original and creative practices that is reflected in every detail of the furniture. Banjo Dizayn doesnt only focus on product design but also focuses on living area design by using the latest technologies ,qualified labours  which are transforming the rooms to privileged living areas.

Design, can be interpreted only as a concept related to aesthetics . According to Banjo Dizayn,  a good design should include innovation ,should enriched with additional functions that the customer is not aware. Should be integrated with R & D , should benefit from technology, should be based on knowledge, should be original , must be “lean” and clear ,should contain new and intelligent technologies, must have a total quality concept .
Not only for companies , brands and products but also design is being directed  via a strong concept, Sustainability ...  Banjo Dizayn produces with a high knowledge level of saving environment and natural resources. Involved in managing natural resources have quit, are demanding . Which is a reflection of the image of corporate responsibility, Banjo Dizayn produces , designs and manages the task of protecting the resources that are expressed.
Beside our standart products, we find solutions and produce according to customer demands and projects.